UFO Aluminum PCB


UFO Aluminum PCB

Product No.:20131012112626

Aluminum model:1060 or 5052

Thermal Conductivity:1w-8w

Resistance welding color:high reflection ink, white, black and green

Suring technology:OSP, tin spray, gold deposition

Forming method:CNC, stamping, V-CUT forming

Universal LED:all series of lamp beads

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UFO Aluminum PCB

High withstand voltage without short-circuit opening - The board is made of high-quality A-grade military materials of well-known brands

Professional technical team Personalized customization - use surface mount technology to improve product power density

Easy to separate, easy to install, small tolerance and no burrs - using fully automated imported computer C-CUT process, high precision and high productivity

The insulating layer is resistant to high temperature and does not change color - the insulating layer on the surface of the PCB board is processed by the top new machine in all directions. 280 degrees high temperature does not turn yellow, does not change color

Fine workmanship and clear printing - use high-quality ink materials, professional oil adjustment technicians, strict quality control

Vacuum packaging, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch - high-barrier PCB board vacuum film can prevent PCB oxidation and increase service life


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